Identify a Niche to differentiate and sell

Sheen is heading Sesame Technologies (, one of the leading Big Data Analytics Company from Kerala. He was part of the parent company Sesame Software Solutions ( that develops core banking product for the co-operative banks The management  decided to spin out a services division to capture a larger market and Sheen as asked to spear head the initiative. Sheen comes in with 14 years of experience in providing internet based solutions & services. He has done his MBA in systems after his post-graduation in computer applications and Graduation in Mathematics. Before joining Sesame He has worked with Standard Chartered Bank and Punwire Mobile Communications.

The typical challenge he faced when he began the operations was the same thing every other software services company faces.  In-spite of trying hard in both the domestic as well as the international market, there was no sales traction because they did not have any differentiation. So, the need for doing something specialized and to deliver high value solutions and services in the Global market was imperative.

Sheen says  that he took the help of a Technology Advisor and they analyzed the market for untapped technologies which they can offer and identified Big Data and Analytics  as one area that they should go after.  Inspite of the clients landscape being filled with good applications to manage their day to day operations, the high volume data that their systems generate every day was not useful to them because they did not have a solution for doing proper analysis of data and some big companies were even struggling to manage the data they generated. Sensing these opportunities the management started investing to acquire skills in big data techniques.  A separate company was launched with name “Sesame Technologies Pvt. Ltd.”  Which is specialized in big data and Analytics

Sheen recollects the hard decision he took when he had one of his key team member give up the current product development work and had to learn and do some projects which was a big decision/risk he took those days.  Based on the sample tools the key member developed, they began talking about those use cases and showcased the demo to the prospects and there was a sudden spurt in the interest of prospects to talk and to do business. Now the sales pitch changed from talking technology to how Big data can solve the prospects business pain points and the division began performing and we also began selling other services because we had data warehousing as a way to differentiate and getting empanelled.

Armed with a few clients and having built a sizeable organization, we are now exploring the global market with an inside sales team and within 3 months we began closing deals in the US market also.

Sheen says that inspite of sitting in a small town like Calicut , the understanding of what unique skills they need to have in order to get customers got them not only good business but also got them listed in open source online magazine as one among the top 10 leading big data companies in India. Refer to        


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