Have a service mentality before and after the contract

Have a service mentality before and after the contract

Muthuvel is the Founder of McOxley Intellect Management  which he found after 20+ yrs of experience five years ago. One of his core competencies is innovatively create New Models in Recruitment & HR Functions which have become industry practice over a period of time. He has rich experience in architecting and designing HR Processes, setting concrete performance goals and align Human Capital to Business Strategies. He is an alumni of IMT Ghaziabad and holds double Masters in Marketing & General Management.

McOxley is an innovative Human Resource Management Solutions Company with a focus on Building Organizations and providing critical insights to get competent intellectuals for the Business transformations of their clients. Established in April 2011 and got the fist revenue within the same week of commencement of their operations. Most of the start-ups approach them for their level of understanding, involvement and cost effective solutions for the hiring requirements.

Muthuvel transformed himself to be a sales person for his company. He used Linkedin as a way to announce to the world that he had started his company. Since he had built a good reputation for himself during his corporate journey,  he began getting enquiries from the people who had worked with him past and have now become entrepreneurs who realized the value of Muthuvel being a strategic HR partner.  Thus first few customers came to Muthuvel from his ex-colleagues and their references.

Muthuvel recollects his first unknown customer acquisition when there was a chance meeting in a restaurant where he met a foreigner who had come to chennai to wind down his chennai operations because of some issues he was facing with his Offshore Development Center. Muthuvel had a discussion with this person and offered to help. After studying the environment, he realized that there was no local leadership  and the remote way of the client managing the junior team was not effective. Muthuvel came up with re-org plan and suggested that to the client to put a structure of three mid-level leaders to handle Delivery, Operations and admin and they reported into the Senior Management that was onsite. This worked well and the client was happy. The client then spoke about an issue where they could not initiate three projects because they did not have the skill sets and Muthuvel volunteered to help the client identify vendors and ensured that the projects were delivered on time. Now, this led Muthuvel to identify a gap that overseas companies, in-spite of having a local presence need not necessarily have capability to do all types of projects and hence that prompted Muthuvel to begin a software company , Balladonia Technologies (www.balladonia.com) along with two  other friends of him.

Muthuvels advice to startups is to have a service mentality before and after the contract. To elaborate, he says that when you would ideate with a prospect and give some options to solve a big problem that they have even though that might not be your core service/product offering, the prospect likes you so much that they will engage with you when the need for your core service/product comes up. The relationship solidifies when you would even support them post the contract because you transform yourself from being a reliable partner to being a trustworthy guide.

Today McOxley (www.mcoxley.com), has 150 plus clients and have placed more than 750 people for various positions both in IT & Non-IT Corporate(s) (out of which 35 at  Senior Management level – Executive search) and having operations in India, Malaysia, Vietnam, USA.



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