Aligning with a partner to see volume growth

Aligning with a partner to see volume growth

Mohan founded Nucore along with Suhail VP  and Muhammed Niyas . The three of them being classmates added a lot of bonding within the founding team. Nucore has a product that focusses on Air Travel and Car Rental verticals.

Mohan recollects the time when they began as software services form, when the three co-founders took different directions to meet prospects and sell. At that point in time they went anyplace that they could and  got small projects like school automation, accounting packages implementations etc but that was not good enough to survive and to pay bills. They met a partner who had good connects with the government and offered to help. Unfortunately, that did not work because no government company wanted to work with a small services outfit. The partnership took them to a travel company and they met the IT head. Seeing the bunch of young enthusiastic people, the CEO and the IT head gave them a small project which led to a travel accounting project.

The scope of this project required each ticket sale to be accounted into multiple posting, commission, incentives and other components as airline ticket accounting was complex and huge. This was currently done by the client using a legacy foxpro system with the process taking lots of time/effort. When the pilot for the automation was done by Nucore, the client realized that there was a potential to save a lot of time and money and spent time with Nucore, gave them detailed specifications and got the project done. Seeing the benefits that the client got, they realized that this was a big need of the industry and made a product.

With the initial sets of customers that came in, it was time to expand into the global market. Mohan realized that the GDS companies were the interface between the airlines and the ticket agencies. Instead of taking the arduous route of reaching out to all the agents by themselves and selling the new and unproven product to agents who may not necessarily be computer savvy and hence would resist , he began selling this to the GDS companies and positioned this as a value added product to their agents thereby keeping their agents happy. He was soon able to strike a OEM deal with one of the GDS  that offered them access to the middle east market and began requesting their agents to sign up to this system and all Nucore had to do was to support the sales process and the product and Mohan relocated to the Middle East.  Now after three years of an established relationship with the partner, he has begun explore global market coverage

Now Nucore has around 50 plus engineers developing the core product and has around 300 travel agents as customers and has also graduated out of NIT Calicut – TBI.

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